Your Home , Your Way ...............

A showcase of products in their new homes sent in by our Happy Customers. We love see to the products in their forever homes and come alive, keep them coming and you will receive 10% off your next purchase

A great picture this one is definately “Not so Afraid of the Mouse” ……..


The Maze Rattan Zest 8 Seater Dining Set at home in this customer’s beautiful garden

The Ethos Large sofa Set in Flanelle Grey, stylishly situated by this customers swimming pool

The Zest Dining Seater & Ethos Sofa sitting perfectly together in this fantastic garden space

The Perfect set to entertain with Family & Friends

This Agate sit beautifully on this customer elegant white & gold sideboard

We love how this customer has fun playing with accessories, another one of our best sellers is this eye-catching Decorative Faux Coral

Create interest to otherwise an empty corner with this Decorative Coral

Agate on Acrylic Stand

Small Faux Coral on Stand

The Betty Chair sitting proudly in its new home, looks great accessorised with these grouped textured faux fur cushions

Were loving this customers statement feature wall, the perfect backdrop for these Op-Art Tri grouped vases


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